Welcome to the website of the Klinik Fallingbostel

Dear readers

I am glad that you are interested in the clinic and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our web site. The Klinik Fallingbostel is a centre for specialized rehabilitation and in this respect is able to offer help to patients with various medical indications. Information on individual fields of medicine will be presented in detail in the other sections.

For all indications the motto of our clinic is: technically competent, humanely dedicated.

It is our view that, especially where a high risk to health is involved, it is necessary to use experience and an integrated approach to medicine in order to maximize the treatment success.

For this reason we treat the psychological causes and accompanying circumstances of the illness as well as the illness itself.

The individual situation of each patient is assessed, and then we work together with the patient to achieve the best quality of life and the greatest reduction in risk factors. The focus of our actions is always the patient:

  • In medical and therapeutic care
  • In human care
  • In the facilities and equipment in our clinic
  • Through the involvement of relatives

Together these points promote relaxation and form the basis for a varied and successful therapy in our clinic. This is necessary to be able to rediscover the perception of one’s own body, to gain new confidence and to successfully achieve the greatest long term health benefit.

You are the focus

You can be sure: in the Klinik Fallingbostel you and you illness is centre of our attention. We will promote your rehabilitation by using an individualized wide ranging and modern therapy tailored to your needs and physical abilities. In this way you will make, in every sense of the word, good progress.

On the following pages we would like to give you an insight into the range of services offered by our clinic. Should any of your questions remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you.

It is important to us that you feel completely comfortable

Relax in a friendly atmosphere where there are many possibilities for you to exercise.

In our barrier free clinic you will be accommodated in a friendly room with balcony, shower, toilet, telephone, free TV and, if you wish, internet connection. If desired you can, for an additional charge, book a double room to accommodate an accompanying person.

The outstanding cuisine produced by our kitchen, will be served buffet style in our spacious clinic restaurant.

Due to the fact that the clinic is situated close to the spa park only a short distance from the Fallingbostel towns centre and directly beside the Lieth woods and the river Böhme, you will no doubt find the time to take extensive walks in the area.

If you want to know more about us, our capabilities and the therapy services we offer, then simply browse through our website.

Yours sincerely
Wilfried Bissel
Managing director