Pneumologic department of the Klinik Fallingbostel

For many years the treatment of patients after heart and/or lung transplant has been a permanent feature of our clinic.

We work closely with the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH - Medical school Hannover) and the Universitären Herzzentrum Hamburg (UHH - University cardiac centre Hamburg) within the frame of cooperation in the region of graft medicine. In July 2007 for the first time a nationwide new ward for patients who received a higher priority on the waiting list for organ transplant because of the severity of their disease, and therefore have to be treated in an acute care hospital while waiting for the operation was created within the new pneumologic department of the Klinik Fallingbostel. This is possible in our appealing patients rooms in the new pneumologic department created for these purposes, situated in a scenic surrounding.

The rehabilitation of organ transplantation listed patients takes place in our pneumologic department.

The overall concept of the Klinik Fallingbostel for the section of organ transplant involves the following focus areas:

  • Medical care by pneumologic and cardiologic experienced specialists who have been working in the range of transplantation medicine of the MHH as well as trained, considerate patient orientated nursing staff.
  • Exercise, breathing and physical therapy individually adapted for the patient and his potential.
  • Extensive schooling with regard to the factors to be considered in day-to-day life with the organ, the suitable low-germ diet, in realising and assessing relevant symptoms and about necessary and extensive medication.
  • Psychological one-on-one and group guidance by a team of psychologists concerning psychic stressors which can emerge with the persons affected during the waiting time for a suitable organ as well as after the transplant and also coaching in relaxation techniques.
  • Pastoral guidance during the waiting time and the later rehabilitation on request
  • Department with extensive pneumoglic and cardiologic diagnostic and therapeutic options (body plethysmography, spiroergometry, blood gas analysis, body composition measurement, thoracic and abdominal sonography. transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography)
  • Accommodation in convenient and friendly furnished rooms

This programme is available not only for the patients concerned but also - on request - for the relatives who carry a great deal of the strain before and after an organ transplant in the form of specially arranged weekend workshops to which relatives should register themselves on admission of the patient.

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Dr. Martin Dierich

Dr. Martin Dierich
Chefarzt Abteilung Pneumologie

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