Medical Service Profile of the International Department for Rehabilitation of the Hospital Fallingbostel

Since 1978 the Hospital Fallingbostel has attended to 4000 in-patients every year, making it one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in Northern Germany.

We treat patients with diseases of the heart, lungs, the spine, joints, brain, the nervous system, diabetes, obesity and wounds as well as patients before and after organ transplants. The excellent neurologist Prof. Hagenah regularly visits the Klinik and cares for patients with neurologic diseases (stroke, state after brain surgery). We also cooperate closely with all large hospitals in Northern Germany situated in Bremen, Hannover and Hamburg (45 minutes travel time).

The international department not only acts as a treatment facility but also coordinates the work of a net of highly specialized doctors and hospitals. We organize the ideal examination and treatment course between these specialists. After the operation or intervention the patients will be mobilized as quickly as possible (postoperative rehabilitation).

If you send us your medical records we will work out a customized program for examination and treatment (see therapy examples). We will do our best to ensure that your treatment in Germany will be a success.

Your contact person:
Dr. Siegfried Schink

Dr. Siegfried Schink
Chief physician international department
Specialist for internal medicine and social medicine

For enquiries of any kind please contact our admission office where we will help you in any way. Tel. 0 51 62 / 44-073 or fax 0 51 62 / 900 888.

For enquiries per e-mail:
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