Klinik Fallingbostel guiding principles

Our clinic sees itself as a medical faculty which is characterized by humanistic ideals, where all patients are treated on the grounds of traditional medical principals comprehensively, respectfully and according to current medical knowledge.

Quality objectives

  • We insist that all treatment is carried out to the highest possible quality and also from an economic viewpoint
  • Our quality policy completely fulfils the requirements of the Federal association for rehabilitation
  • To ensure the high quality of the treatment offered in our clinic, a systematic and comprehensive quality management is carried out
  • Both the structure, process and outcome characteristics are analyzed and optimized
  • We systematically detect errors in the organization and treatment process, which are then adapted to avoid future problems

Patient orientation

  • For us the aim of the rehabilitation is, to ensure that our patients make a complete and rapid recovery of their physical performance, psychological and social wellbeing which will enable them to participate adequately in their individual life situation in future
  • The rehabilitation is intended to help patients who due to their illness are insecure or restricted, regain their confidence in their own physical, psychological, social and occupational abilities
  • Unrealistic estimates and expectations can be influenced earlier and a health promoting behavior can be introduced. This will make the reintegration into the activities and active participation in a everyday environment considerably easier
  • To achieve our goals we use flexible participation orientated rehabilitation concepts, which are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the patient

Staff orientation

  • The treatment of our employees is one that is characterized by mutual respect
  • In accordance with legal requirements and economic opportunities, all employees are offered the best possible team orientated working conditions
  • Our staff are employed according to their skills and knowledge. Regular internal and external training is carried out to ensure that these qualities are enhanced
  • We ensure that family friendly and flexible working conditions are available to accommodate the needs of individual employees
  • Measures which promote health and safety are important to us

Willingness to cooperate

  • Since rehabilitation measures in chronically ill patients are often only one – albeit important – part of a lifelong treatment, it is important for us to be able to work together with other care and treatment partners
  • This cooperation can only be carried out after consultation with our partners the patients and the respective referring physicians and insurers
  • During the rehabilitation we aim to prepare and organize the seamless transition to outpatient follow-up care carried out by the appropriate general and specialist doctors and other involved parties involved (e.g. self help groups or after care facilities).

In this respect we see rehabilitation in the Klinik Fallingbostel as an integral part of a comprehensive treatment and care program for our patients.